Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The purpose of this strategic plan is to communicate the long-term direction and priorities of HRDC. The objectives and strategies described herein have been approved by the FoD/HRDC Board and is intended to guide FoD/HRDC’s efforts over the next five years (2018-2022).

 In the last three decades, HRDC and its community have weathered all kinds of difficulties and its stature today is a demonstration of the resiliency it has been able to build over these testing times. And this was possible only because we have an organization that is built on a rock of compassion, dedication and resiliency. This strategic plan aims to build on these strengths and further strengthen HRDC’s resiliency and resolve.

In this plan, the 11 core objectives are articulated that HRDC intends to pursue in the next five years until 2022. This is HRDC’s commitment to serve those children who are most vulnerable, those children who suffer most in our communities and lack access to even basic services that provide opportunity to a basic “quality of life”.

The five-year time horizon gives us the opportunity to continuously asses our achievements and adapt with changing times. However, not much consideration has been given to the new political structural changes taking place as we make this plan primarily because the provincial system will come into for the first time after only in 2018 and before we make any assumptions, we would like the dust of change to settle. Although these changes will have some ramifications, it will only be clear once the external changes have settled.

This plan is the product of the team’s hard work over the last two years of extensive wider consultations. In doing so we have reached out to our stakeholder and donors. We have had the opportunity to assess the ever-changing environment within which we operate and accordingly raised the bar to reach all 77 districts across the nation from our current reach of 39 districts.

Like most strategic plans, this document does not detail implementation, budgeting and detailed tactics. Annual budget and yearly plans will be aligned only after the board's approval of this plan including the KPIs.

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