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Prosthetics and orthopedic

Nepal's disabled children are overwhelmingly located in poor, remote regions where medical services and education are hard to come by. These children would often be relegated to a life of misery, left to parents who do not have the capacity to care for them, schools that will not accept and educate them and medical facilities that have no way to assist them. HRDC saw the gap in access to prosthetics and orthopedic devices early on, and decided to open a workshop in the hospital facilities to provide the hospital with a sustainable supply to affordable devices.

Assistive devices such as prosthetics and orthotics can help children with physical disabilities to be more mobile and independent. There are many different assistive devices to choose from, and at HRDC we take great responsibility in finding the right fit for each patient. In 2015, a total of 3,240 children benefited from 4,115 assistive devices. Read more...

Our Prosthetics and Orthotics Department has evaluated, measured, fabricated, and fitted patients with orthopedic appliances since 1985. The low cost, quality prosthetic and orthotic devices are fabricated and fitted at our facility using customized designs and equipment. The Prosthetic and Orthotic Department is also involved in providing orientation on use and safeguarding of the assistive devices. HRDC’s workshop has fabricated over 45,000 appliances since 1985.

At the hospital and in the field our staff provides re-fitting services of prosthetics to our patients. Our employees in the field measure the arms or legs, and send the measurements to our workshop in Banepa, where appliances are custom made. After the prosthetics are completed, our employees bring them out to the field, and make sure they fit properly.

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