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Our hospital in Banepa

HRDC’s main hospital in Banepa has 74 beds including three intensive care beds for medical and rehabilitation interventions; a physiotherapy department, which include a dedicated CP gym; out patients’ clinic; patient wards; prosthetics workshop; five operating rooms; an in-house school; x-ray; and laboratories. Our surgeons are equipped with five highly advanced operating rooms, and have the capacity to treat up to 300 patients per month.

Our hospital is located 40 minutes outside of Kathmandu. The hospital was purposely located outside of the city, in order to avoid the city pollution.

An average of 60% of all consultations are made in the field, however, due to the need for a stabile environment, 90% of the surgeries are done at our hospital in Banepa. The remaining 10% are operations that are less complex, and that we can safely carry out in the field.

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