Mission, Vision and Principles

Mission, Vision and Principles

Our Vision

Creating an inclusive, compassionate and caring society, in which children with physical disability enjoy equal opportunities and optimum quality of life.

Our Mission

Ensure equitable access to quality of life through appropriate interventions and enabling environments, for children with physical disability.

Values / Principles

  1. Compassionate care with quality 'state-of-the-art services. 

  2. Support and promotion of enabling environments for social and economic re-integration

  3. Promotion of transparency and accountability

  4. Adherence to the fundamental principles of human rights and HRDC's approach base

  5. Adopting balanced approach to transparency and rights to information

  6. Ensuring partnership and alliances at all levels including  duty-bearers (government stakeholders)

  7. Rights-holder's community, service providers: NGO, INGOs, DPOs

  8. Respecting for confidentiality

  9. Adherence to principles of child protection and safeguarding

  10. Regularizing appraisals/monitoring and evaluation and feeding back to improve services

  11. Respecting equity and diversity.