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Donate Today

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic unfolding around the world, Nepal’s infection rate is on the rise, with confirmed cases detected in 71 of 77 districts. Our work at this time is two-fold. We must continue to care for children who have been treated and are now at the hospital or at home in their villages, and we must provide COVID-19 information and hygiene kits to as many disabled children and families as possible.
$25             A hygiene kit (face masks, soap, and hand sanitizer) and essential COVID-19 information for a
                   disabled child’s family in a remote area
$99             One COVID-19 PCR test for a child who must undergo surgery for urgent conditions. Fund two so
                   the child’s caregiver can also be tested: $198
$133           One prosthetic limb for a child, enabling them to walk (made in-house)
$500           Supports 50 telemedicine calls between families, our four satellite clinics and our hospital, so we
                   can continue care for children who have been treated
$1,207        One life-changing surgery for a child in urgent need


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In the short term, thousands of young children need our continued care during their rehabilitation. Just as important, their families need information to protect themselves from becoming infected with COVID-19.
 And, once lockdown is lifted, mobile camps will resume so that children with serious infections, those that have suffered burns, and those experiencing debilitating musculoskeletal conditions can receive life-saving surgery and care.
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