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B & B Medical Journal (BBMed) is an official journal of B & B Hospital, Gwarko, Lalitpur, Nepal and Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (HRDC). This journal has been brought out as a next step in the milestone of academic activities of B & B Hospital and HRDC. The main purpose of this journal is to provide a forum for scientific discussion and presentation in the field of medical science as a whole. BBMed will be a common forum for all the medical specialties dealing with the diseases of the whole human body. Even though this journal is mainly for the medical professionals of B & B Hospital and HRDC, it accepts quality articles from anybody in medical field in Nepal and around the world. The journal is devoted to the entire medical fraternity, patients and general public of Nepal. It will be published twice a year in June and December. On average, a total of 10-12 articles will be published per issue. One review article from any medical field that is relevant to diagnosis and management of patients in Nepal. There will be four to five original articles from any medical field. Priority will be given to the research articles and case series studies. In addition, there will be four to five case reports. Priority will be given to the rare cases where a multispeciality and unique approach in the diagnosis and/or treatment has been utilized relevant to Nepalese context. One nursing report will be included in every issue. Special report on nursing service related to any nursing field and relevant to Nepalese context is encouraged. American English will be the official language of the Journal. All the articles submitted will go through the strict peer review process.

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Published Issues


BBMed Vol. 6, No. 1., Dec, 2022



BBMed Vol. 5, No. 1., Dec, 2021


BBMed Vol. 4, No. 1., Dec, 2020


BBMed Vol. 3, No. 1., July, 2019


BBMed Vol. 2, No. 2., January, 2019

BBMed    Vol. 2,   No. 1.,   July,  2018


BBMed Vol. 1, No. 2., January, 2018

BBMed    Vol. 1,   No. 1.,   July,  2017

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